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  • Testimonials

    From Clients Who Worked With Hadeel


    I now know what body shape I have,

    what colors look better on me, and most importantly,

    shopping now will be much much easier.


    Asma Al Bader


    I loved discovering my color palette through Hadeel’s guidance.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I am a “summer” All she said confirmed what I felt but with much more nuances. So happy!


    Hélène Bolduc

    United States

    I feel so much more confident with my new color palette. Working with Hadeel was a breeze. I highly recommend a session with her if you are ready for a HUGE confidence boost!


    Amy Branger


    I enjoyed how I could immediately test out on my own which colors best suit me, and how this turns out to be a relief when it comes to choices in my everyday style and shopping.


    Nadia Dea Maria

  • About


    Are YOU Ready To Get Your STYLE Leveled Up?

    The Stylish Road will help!

    It's a 10-week program designed to help women entrepreneurs (just like you)

    finally gain the confidence level they crave while helping them upgrade their style.

    Are You Ready?

  • Program Layout

    Here is a brief description of what to expect at The Stylish Road.

    There are 6 Modules - and 4 Coaching Weeks.


    Module 1: Introduction

    The Story


    Module 2: Body Assessment

    along with the first coaching week


    Module 3: Color Analysis

    along with the second coaching week


    Module 4: Closet Clean-up

    along with the third coaching week


    Module 5: Shopping (Online)

    along with the final coaching week


    Module 6: Graduation / Final Stop

    Graduation Bonus